Free advertising video for your commodities or services!

With Vergeads network you can get advertising video for promotion your services or commodities absolutely free!

Just contact our support team or your managed service officer and provide them with necessary texts and images. We’ll create the video as soon as possible and your advertising campaign will be able to start.

Managed service officers for everyone!

We’ve increased the number of Managed service officers in order to provide high quality support for both advertisers and publishers. Ask support team for contacts of your officer.

We’ve updated the Smart ad code!

The new Smart ad code provides publisher with extremely simple and clear way for embedding ads into any type of site-content. Publisher places only one code into page and selects advertising options in Self-service platform.

New self-service account

We’ve updated personal accounts of both advertisers and publishers. Now it’s much more convenient and provides new types of stats.

Now we pay to publishers 100% of advertisers bid!

We increase publishers earning again and set the rate of our entire publishers to 100%! We heavily invest in Verge Ads platform and show rapid growth month by month.