Publisher Questions

Yes it possible! Our ad code allows to embed advertisement into video even in case the video physically placed not on your servers and you are using not your own video-player. Contact our support team to be assisted.

For now, Verge Ads publishers may place any amount of ads on one webpage. However, we recommend you to keep balance in order to avoid placing excessive amounts of ads on a page which may reduce your income and discourage visitors.

Yes, you can run all our ad formats, including bodyclick ads, on the same page with AdSense . According to Adsense FAQ, Google allows publishers to place up to 3 pop-under windows per website with their ads. (тут ссылка на https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en#Placing_Google_ads_on_a_website_with_pop-ups)

Verge Ads is serious and accurate about our publishers’ property and manually select what kind of ads could be shown on your sites. If we can detect malicious ad or any malicious content of advertisers we do not accept it. Also we can block certain ads per your request and instantly disable them.

The rates are highly volatile, may vary on different web-sites and depend on many factors. Dashboard in your personal account helps you to assess the CPM during the first few days. However after this period CPM can grow in accordance with our advertisers interest in your website. We have some publishers with eCPM $50 on their video sites.

Our publishers get payoffs on weekly basis, during Wednesday in UK time zone. You’ll receive all payments you’ve ordered up until Tuesday. Minimum payment amount is $10. Also, in some cases, we provide “fast payoff” option.

If you feel that some of our ads may be annoying for your audience, just contact with our support team via “Support” link and send us the IDs of ads you want filter out. Another way to do it: using blacklist, however, please be aware that your CPM rates may significantly drop in this case.

Advertiser Questions

All advertisers must follow our Terms and conditions without any exceptions.
The most common rejection reasons:
• Website, landing page, creatives or product offered contains malware. It will result in account suspension and permanent blocking if found after initial approval!
• Website, landing page / creatives contain or promote an illegal or banned product. We don’t accept campaigns or ads which promote services, goods or other activities that prohibited in targeted countries (in accordance with all applicable laws of jurisdiction to which Advertiser Site and/or Campaign is concerned, e.g. laws regulating services and products like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.).
• Adult campaigns / creative without due mark. In this case campaigns with material not suitable for non-adult websites are forbidden.
• Auto-Downloads of software / apps are not permitted on bodyclick’ campaign. Your account may be suspended if such activity will be found on your running campaigns!
• Fake virus, "scan alerts" or "technical support" ads are strictly forbidden. Claiming on landing page that visitor has a virus or falsely scanning the visitor’s device is not permitted.
• Copyright infringement. You cannot use marketing material (trademarks, images, banners, pages, texts etc.) in case we receive a DMCA claim to those materials.
• Landing page is not accessible. We are unable to check that your landing page follows the rules without seeing it.
• Inappropriate materials/creatives. Your ads or landing page contain violence, obscene/vulgar language, or content that endorses abuse, physical harm or hate-mongering.
• Cloaking. Using "cloaking" or other techniques to hide the true destination that users are directed to is strongly prohibited.
Usually we inform advertisers about the reason of rejection. However, if you need more information, please contact our Support Team. Remember to include campaign ID(s). 
Our staff continually reviews all active campaigns and they can be rejected any time. If, after approval, a campaign was modified in a way that does not follow our Rules, your account could be suspended or permanently blocked. The remaining advertising budget may not be refunded, depending on the severity of the violation!

We can show your ads almost around the globe, for all devices, platforms and in applicetions for iOS and Android.

Verge Ads Support team is available 24/7 (including Public Holidays). Campaigns are reviewed as fast as possible. Please be patient in cases our Support Team has requested additional information from you. Usually campaign approval takes less than 1 hour.

There are a several reasons why a campaign doesn’t get traffic:
• Check your account balance and top it up. Campaigns are stopped automatically if there are not sufficient funds.
• Check your campaign status, budget settings and limits. When your campaign daily budget is reached, your ad will no longer appear for that day and will be shown only the next day. The same situation with campaign total budget. If it’s reached, your ad will no longer appear unless you change the limit and restart the campaign.
• Check the campaign settings. Campaign may be suspended by our support team or may be targeted to some countries where we don’t have enough ad inventory.
• Check out your bid settings. Some campaign are targeted to visitors which are much more competitive then another. Increase your bid and see the differences.